"Do You Read Me?" Book On Vintage Communication Toys Published By Schiffer

Pop-Culture Photo Book Features Vintage Communication Toys, Graphics, And Price Guide

November 2, 2018

Schiffer Publishing Ltd. of Atglen, Pa., would like to introduce “Do You Read Me? Vintage Communication Toys” by Leslie Singer. The invention of the telegraph, telephone, and broadcast signals gave children in mid-century America a new way to play. They could speak into a device, push a button, turn a knob, and instantly be communicating with friends around the block or across the planet. In most cases, it was imaginary, but adults were actually doing it, and with the right “equipment,” children were, too!
The 150 color images in “Do You Read Me? Vintage Communication Toys” capture the excitement of these new technologies. The art deco and futuristic designs from the ‘30s through the ‘70s convey the wonder and optimism of the ever-evolving communication world. String and wire may have carried the signal, but it was the power of imagination that really carried the message. Toy collectors, nostalgia buffs, and retro-future fans will appreciate the price guide and build-it-yourself communicator included with this beautifully photographed and designed volume.
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