"Frederic Church's Olana On The Hudson" Published By Rizzoli Electa

November 2, 2018

Frederic Edwin Church, a central figure in a group of artists known as the Hudson River School, became internationally renowned as a painter of monumental landscapes. The spectacular panoramas he painted in the 1840s through 1890s helped shape not only the cultural identity of the United States, but also of himself when he applied his vision as an artist to the house and 250-acre landscape that he named Olana, known today as Olana State Historic Site, a National Historic Landmark. Olana is located just outside of Hudson, N.Y., in the heart of the Hudson River Valley. It is the masterwork of his career and stands as the most intact artist-designed environment in the country.
Olana’s designed landscape has been sensitively restored over the last 10 years and can now be experienced by visitors very much as Church and his family experienced it in the 19th century, including the breathtaking vistas over the Hudson River Valley region that first drew the artist to this dramatic setting. The new book “Frederic Church’s Olana on the Hudson: Art Landscape Architecture” includes nearly 50 paintings and sketches by Church, alongside gorgeous photography by Larry Lederman, which captures the essence of the landscape and house at Olana, inside and out.
Taken especially for this book, the images were shot in all seasons and all weather and include panoramic and aerial views, sunsets, detail shots of both the house and landscape, as well as interior views of the house.
Engaging essays by Eleanor Jones Harvey, David Schuyler, Elizabeth Barlow Rogers, Thomas L. Woltz, and Stephen Hannock will delve into Church and his inspirations and motivations, illuminating not only the home he built but also his work as an artist.
Image courtesy of “Frederic Church’s Olana on the Hudson: Art Landscape Architecture,” edited by Julia B. Rosenbaum and Karen Zukowski, Rizzoli Electa, 2018.


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