"Hogarth: Cruelty And Humor"

The Morgan Presents The Satirical Drawings Of Celebrated British Artist William Hogarth

August 9, 2019

The Morgan Library and Museum in New York City is holding an exhibition of satirical drawings and prints by renowned artist William Hogarth (1697–1764). Best known for his humorous political commentary, Hogarth’s work engaged a broad audience and agitated for legislative and social change. His intricate drawings and richly anecdotal scenes depict the ills and injustices of 18th-century urban life, exploring the connections between violence, crime, alcohol abuse, and cruelty to animals. He hoped his graphic work would amuse, shock, and ultimately edify his audience. “Hogarth: Cruelty and Humor” tells the story of Hogarth’s iconic images and the social realities of life in Georgian London that inspired him to advocate for reform through popular works of art. It is the first show at the Morgan devoted to this artist, whose style was so influential in British art that the word “Hogarthian” remains a recognizable way of describing works of satire.
Featuring over 20 works, the show investigates Hogarth’s creative process and examines his embrace of humor, highlighting the Morgan’s exceptional cache of preparatory drawings for his two most acclaimed print series from 1751: “Beer Street and Gin Lane” and “The Stages of Cruelty.” Hogarth’s prints documenting the dangerous impact of the gin craze, “Beer Street and Gin Lane” generated popular support for the 1751 Gin Act and other reform efforts, while the “Stages of Cruelty” reflects the growing anxiety about episodes of human brutality in London. Included in the show are the only other two known studies related to the “Stages of Cruelty.” These works reveal the complex generative process of the series. Also on view are drawings from the Royal Collection Trust that represent Hogarth’s first and last forays into satire.
The exhibit closes Sunday, Sept. 22.
The Morgan Library and Museum is located at 225 Madison Ave. at E. 36th St. in the Murray Hill neighborhood of Manhattan, N.Y.
To learn more, call 212-685-0008.


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