"Papers For Birth Dayes: Guide To The Fraktur Artists And Scriveners," Third Edition, Published

New Edition In The Form Of Four Hardcover Books Serves As Tribute To Corinne Earnest, Queen Of Fraktur

January 10, 2020

A third edition of “Papers for Birth Dayes: Guide to the Fraktur Artists and Scriveners,” a tribute to the late Corinne Earnest, the Queen of Fraktur, as coined by Dr. Donald Shelley, will soon be available. Earnest spent 45 years studying fraktur artists and scriveners and recorded the data for approximately 35,000 fraktur and family records, most written in phonetically spelled German.
This edition includes color illustrations, life and working dates if known, and discussion of the work of over 570 frakturists alphabetically spread across four hardcover books. New to this edition is a summary number of the entire body of work by each frakturist. Earnest documented 535 fraktur by Friederich Krebs and 455 by Henry Young, the most productive of the artists. Amongst the scriveners, many of whom were artists, she documented 530 examples by William Gross and 400 by August Hainbach. Tables list those artists and scriveners whose works before 2018 exceeded 100.
Also included is a listing of over 1,250 minor artists and scriveners gleaned from the literature, museum collections, private collections, and antiques shows and auctions, many of whom will become major players in the fraktur field as the database grows. Importantly, the bibliography supplements those of Donald Shelley, Wendy Leeds, and the first two editions of “Papers for Birth Dayes.”
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