Alderfer Auction Announces The Sale Of U.S. Model 1847 Colt Walker Revolver C-Company No. 122

Only 37 Are Known To Still Exist

November 30, 2018

Alderfer Auction recently announced that an original U.S. Model 1847 Colt Walker will be among the highlights of its Firearms Auction on Tuesday, Dec. 18. The revolver is attributed to the C-Company of the Texas Rangers. Only 37 of these rare revolvers are known to exist today.
The provenance dates back to 1943, when it was discovered by the editor of the Texas Gun Collectors Association. In 1953, it was owned by William H. Robinson Jr. of Gloucester, Mass. In the Texas Gun Collectors Association Newsletter #30, Robinson used his ownership of the gun to become a member of the club. In the 1960s, the Colt appeared in Norm Flayderman’s “Gun Catalog #77” under listing 1166A. In the listing, it’s quoted as “one of the best specimens we have come across in virtually untouched condition.” Over half a century later, the revolver was found boxed in a Montgomery County, Pa., estate.
In October of 2018, the Colt was authenticated by Herb Glass Jr. of Bullville N.Y., firearms consultant and honorary curator of the West Point Museum.
“As requested, I have examined U.S. Model 1847 Colt Walker Revolver C-Company No. 122. This examination consisted of complete disassembly and careful examination of all parts. As a result, I find this gun to be a genuine Colt Walker in fine ‘untouched’ condition, the known provenance of which dates to 1943 when it was discovered in Austin, Texas,” Glass said in his evaluation.
Markings are crisp and excellent throughout, only the cylinder scene is faint with traces overall, and a couple of areas more clearly visible. The pressure ridge is clearly visible all the way around, and the company number is clear and distinct. The cylinder is a lovely untouched dark brown patina; all steel parts are the same excellent untouched patina.
The wedge and loading lever plunger are old replacements, done in the period of the gun’s use. These, two minor interior parts (trigger/bolt spring and hand), and three screws are the only replacements, dating to the period of the gun’s use. Only the loading lever retaining spring is a modern replacement, crudely staked in. The gun is otherwise completely original, all parts properly and distinctly numbered to match.
Interestingly, the left side frame pinhole in the barrel breech was factory drilled too deeply, creating a tiny hole at the normally blind end. The company number on the left barrel flat and “US/1847” on the right are crisp, clear and distinct. The barrel address is likewise excellent, with just a hint of light roughness around it. The bore has some roughness and rust but retains significant sharp rifling. The frame, with sharp company number on the left, is the same patina with smooth metal, sharp unworn edges and all internal numbers in their proper places. Mechanics are excellent, and screws are generally unmarred. As stated, only three screws are replaced: forward trigger guard, loading lever plunger, and one backstrap screw.
Brass trigger guard and front grip strap are an excellent unpolished patina with the usual tiny dings and scratches from use. The steel back strap is the same untouched dark brown patina as the other steel parts with a well-marked company number on the butt. The original grips, nicely numbered in the usual location are quite worn and rounded at the butt edge with a 7/16 inch chip replaced at the left toe and a larger (5/8-by-1.5-inch) chip replaced at the right side frame juncture. There is a loose chip (3/8 by 1.25 inch) at the left side frame juncture, original and all there, but only held in place by the frame and trigger guard.
In summation, this is a fine Walker, far above average for these guns, which generally saw hard use with many parts replaced in the field during their service. Sadly, many of them have suffered from modern replacements in an attempt to enhance their value.
“This gun can truly be called ‘untouched’ in that regard and is virtually completely original,” concluded Glass.
Alderfer Auction’s 600-lot Firearms Auction will start with offline items at 9 a.m., followed by online items including the Colt at 1:30 p.m. The auction will accommodate live, online, phone, and absentee bidding. Alderfer Auction is located at 501 Fairgrounds Road, Hatfield, Pa.
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