An Antiques Trifecta Weekend Planned For May 4 And 5 In Chantilly, Va.

American Art Pottery Association Show To Be Held In Conjunction With Washington Art Deco/Modernism Show And D.C. Big Flea Antique Market

April 12, 2019

The American Art Pottery Association's (AAPA) Show and Sale has been conducted annually since 1983. The AAPA Convention and Show and Sale travels to a different city each year. The convention includes educational seminars, tours, exhibits, and more. It concludes with the show and sale with displays of American art pottery, vintage and contemporary, as well as some European and beyond, and all for sale. Art pottery dealers from across the country participate in this spectacular event, selling all genres of art pottery. Several contemporary potters also participate, selling their wares.
The Washington Modernism Show, which is produced by the Art Deco Society of Washington (ADSW), also began in 1983. What started as the Exposition of Decorative Arts, primarily an Art Deco show, it gradually expanded to include other design movements of the 20th century and now includes the sale of all 20th Century design movements, including Art Nouveau, Arts and Crafts, Art Deco, Art Moderne, Mid-Century Modern, Scandinavian Modern, and Atomic.
The D.C. Big Flea Antiques Market (DC) is produced by D'Amore Promotions, which has been presenting antiques and collectible shows throughout the Mid-Atlantic states for 40 years. This show has steadily earned the reputation as among the most successful, and largest, antiques markets in the region, hosting more than 500 exhibitor booths of antiques and collectibles, including period and vintage antiques to Mid-Century Modern. This flagship show started more than 20 years ago, and its popularity and size continues to thrive with six fabulous shows each year. It is held at the Dulles Expo Center in Chantilly, Va.
On Saturday and Sunday, May 4 and 5, a special Antiques Trifecta will take place at the expo center. Show hours will be 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on day one and from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on day two. The ADSW has held their highly successful annual show in conjunction with D’Amore Promotion's D.C. show for the past three years. This year there will be 550-plus antiques booths in the South Hall and 120 in the North Hall, a combination of AAPA's Art Pottery Show and the Modernism Show. The North Hall has its own entrance, but customers still have easy access to the D.C. show through large openings near the front and rear of the building that allow easy passage between the shows in air-conditioned comfort. The public may enter for $10 admission on either day, which is good for all three shows, with free re-entry.
AAPA and ADSW will conduct mini educational seminars in the form of booth chats in the North Hall during show hours on both days. Booth chats are small informative discussions, whereby a topic is introduced by an exhibitor, and after a brief intro, there will be a question and answer session. These informative chats allow the participants to see and learn about different topics of interest and to view examples of a specific collecting genre firsthand. A list of topics will be available on-site and in the AAPA/ADSW show program, which will include a floor plan of the dealers in the North Hall and will be distributed at the entrances to the show.
To learn about AAPA's convention activities, a packet detailing each event at the convention is posted on the AAPA’s website at More information about the ADSW Modernism Show can be found at their website at, and more on D.C. Big Flea Antiques Market can be found at
For exhibitor show inquiries, contact Patti Bourgeois (AAPA show), 508-679-5910; Jim Linz (Modernism show), 703-568-3745; and Keleigh Chepy (D.C. Big Flea Antiques Market), 757-430-4735.


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