Fiddlers At The Fairgrounds Antique Show Continues Nashville Heritage

Jennifer Sabin To Manage Enlarged Show At New Facility

September 6, 2019

The Fiddlers at the Fairgrounds Antique Show in Nashville, Tenn., was recently announced as the resurrected antiques show formerly known by a similar name held near Opryland USA for more than three decades. Jennifer Sabin is the newly appointed manager and partner for this show to be held Wednesday through Saturday, Feb. 12 to 15, 2020.
The new location will be able to accommodate about double the number of exhibiting dealers that the old location had been able to handle. “The Nashville Fairgrounds is a brand new exhibit hall, with all the amenities, including access for the dealers, parking, comfort and conveniences for the shoppers, and no more weather problems as there had been in the past with the open rooms at the old motel,” stated Sabin.
“We expect the exhibitors will be thrilled with this new venue for the Fiddlers Show. For the first time, weather will not be an issue, and no more cramped, damp or cold motel rooms, and we are sure the shoppers will enjoy the comforts as well,” continued Sabin. She has joined with longtime show manager Doug Supinger to continue producing this show for the dealers, many of whom have been exhibiting for 25 to 30 years over the Valentine’s Day weekend in Nashville for this popular Americana antiques event.
Nashville Fairgrounds has proven as a great destination for antiques shows for shoppers over the past 15 years with Jon Jenkins’ the Nashville Show, formerly Music Valley Antique Show/Tailgate Antique Show, located on these same grounds. “Fiddlers at the Fairgrounds is a great addition for the shoppers, as it gives them an opportunity to see 50 percent more exhibitors without moving their car, easy access, easy to find, great fun for them, it’s all good!,” remarked Jenkins. His show will take place Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, Feb. 13, 14, and 15, 2020 at the same location. Construction on the adjoining building was recently completed.
Inquiries should be made to Jennifer Sabin by calling 843-812-0282.
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