Lesh Houck Sells Early Quilled Knife Sheath For $9,200

April 21, 2023

Lesh Houck Auctioneers, based in Newport, Pa., conducted a sale on March 25 of a partial local estate that had three very rare 18th-century Native American Indian items. “We believe the knife sheath and shot pouch to be from the Northern Plains,” mentioned Sue Houck of Lesh Houck.
The first rare item was an 18th-century quilled double lane knife sheath. The second, an early quilled shot pouch. Authentic early Native American Indian artifacts in good surviving condition are simply rare regardless of form. The knife sheath was double lane, meaning it had two sections, for two knives, 10. 5 inches long, some quillwork missing, stitching intact. It sold for $9,200. The shot pouch was also quilled, some stitchwork and quills missing, 10.5 inches long, and realized $5,200. A pair of early beaded moccasins sold for $1,900. All three items went to a private collector bidding by phone.
Among others items sold were a 1934 $500 bill for $1,400 and a Marlin Model 444s .444 cal. rifle for $2,200.
For further information, call Bub Lesh at 717-574-3664 or Sue Houck at 717-513-5873.


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