New Memoir On Antiques Business, "Selling Dead People's Things," Released

August 3, 2018

The recently released book, “Selling Dead People’s Things,” is a wry, behind-the-curtain peek into the world of antiques and their obsessive owners, while still alive and after their passing.
An amusing observer of the human condition, author Duane Scott Cerny entertains in 25 life illuminating, scary, sad, or frightfully funny resale tales and essays.
“You just can’t say to the bereaved, ‘I’m sorry for your loss, but are those crucifixes for sale?’ (Well, you can, but it’s how you say it.)”
Whether processing the estate of a hoarding beekeeper, disassembling the retro remains of an infamous haunted hospital, or conducting an impromptu appraisal during a shiva gone disturbingly wrong, every day is a twisted treasure hunt for this 21st century antiques dealer.
While digging deep into the basements, attics, and souls of the most interesting collectors imaginable, traveling from one odd house call to the curious next, resale predicaments will confound the reader’s every turn.
The book includes over 25 true tales of a veteran antiques dealer, chronicling countless house calls, valuations, treasure hunts, and more. Insight on the multi-billion dollar business that is resale and why brick and mortar retail isn’t dead, despite what others may perceive.
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