Rock Ford Announces New Podcast Mini Series

June 7, 2019

Rock Ford Plantation is excited to announce an upcoming series of podcasts about Revolutionary War Gen. Edward Hand and the history of his home at Rock Ford. The series is produced by Heather Teysko, who has one of the longest continuously running independent history podcasts and has been broadcasting since 2009. Although she currently resides in Spain, Teysko grew up in Lancaster, where she served as a docent at Rock Ford while in high school. She has retained a strong interest in her former hometown and is enthused about the idea of using podcasting to show how small museums can use this technology to tell their stories to a wider audience.
According to a 2018 Pew Study, 44 percent of Americans have listened to a podcast. Nevertheless, Teysko’s Rock Ford series is remarkable in that it represents one of the first times that a historic house museum has been the subject of a podcast series. “It’s an opportunity to share Edward Hand’s story with a much larger group of people, not just in Lancaster, but around the world,” states Teysko.
Teysko’s podcast is currently a three-episode mini series consisting of Teysko’s discussions with Rock Ford’s board president, executive director and curator. The first episode focuses upon the life story of Edward Hand. The second discusses Rock Ford in the broader context of Lancaster and American history, and the third episode is a walk-through of the first floor of the mansion with the curator, highlighting several items in the collection.
"Podcasting is a new way for us to showcase Lancaster as an outstanding makers’ community that fabricated such fine pieces during the life and times of General Edward Hand,” states Rock Ford curator Sarah Alberico.
The podcast may be found on the Rock Ford website and will also be available on iTunes, SoundCloud, YouTube, Spotify, Stitcher, and all podcast apps and may be found by searching “Lancaster’s Hidden Gem of the Early American Republic.”
Rock Ford Plantation is located at 881 Rockford Road, Lancaster, Pa. Built in 1794, Rock Ford was the home of Edward Hand and his family. Hand served as adjutant general to George Washington during the Revolutionary War. The historic property is open for tours Tuesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., from April to October.
It is operated by the nonprofit Rock Ford Foundation.
For more information, call 717-392-7223 or visit


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