The Zitzman Post Office Of Lititz Returns Home

Now On Display At Lititz Historical Foundation

October 4, 2019

The Lititz Historical Foundation in Lititz, Pa., is excited to announce a recent special donation. Through the generosity of an out-of-state donor, Lititz’s second post office has made its way back to its place of origin and is currently on display in the same room where it once stood nearly 190 years ago.
In 1806, Christian Hall became the first postmaster of Lititz and ran his small operation inside the Lititz Springs Hotel (now the General Sutter Inn).
Then, in 1830, Frederick Zitzman (1787-1872) was appointed the second postmaster of Lititz by President Andrew Jackson and used the log structure portion of his home (now the Lititz Historical Foundation’s 1792 Johannes Mueller House) for his postal office. Zitzman served as the town postmaster until 1849 and would use the cabinet, which was recently donated to the organization for sorting mail for the members of the community.
Back then, there was no door-to-door mail delivery, and residents made trips to Zitzman’s home to pick up their mail. It was also a time before postage stamps; once mail was picked up, the amount owed depended upon how far it traveled to arrive to its destination. Eventually, in 1847, postage stamps would be introduced.
A recent visitor to the Lititz Historical Foundation from Colorado had possession of this piece of Lititz and United States Post Office history, which they had owned for several decades. His father in-law had originally purchased it at a public sale in Lititz and documented the provenance from the original seller.
The Lititz Historical Foundation is thrilled to receive this generous gift and is honored to have the cabinet on display for the public to see and learn about.
The Lititz Historical Foundation (and Zitzman’s postal operation/Johannes Mueller House) is at 145 E. Main St., Lititz, Pa.
To learn more, call 717-627-4636 or visit


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