Vintage Fashion Accessories

November 18, 2010

By Stacy LoAlbo
Krause Publications
Bound Soft Cover
ISBN: 987-1-4402-0251-3
Continued interest in all things retro and vintage makes this book an essential reference for collectors and dealers who have an in-terest in fashion. Large, full-color illustrations with captions that include dates and values are a special feature of this comprehensive text. More than a photo-driven reference or catalogue, this book includes valuable information on such topics as “The History of Fash-ion Accessories,” “Fashion Etiquette: Then and Now,” “What Goes Around Comes Around,” “Trends in Fashion,” “The Joy of Col-lecting,” “Vintage Finds and How to Acquire Them,” and more.
The vintage fashion accessories included are organized by subject in chapters (hats, handbags, jewelry, shoes, compacts and carry-alls, little things, and vintage accessories for men). Each chapter is part of the whole, as well as offering specifics for collectors and dealers who specialize in particular categories of vintage fashion. Attention to detail and reader friendliness are evident in this book's design. Notably, each caption features a small arrow that points to the corresponding picture, making it clear which caption belongs to which photo and avoiding the “caption confusion” that sometimes occurs in reference books.
Vintage Fashion Accessories concludes with a helpful bibliography and index. Written by the “Vintage Maven” of Incogneeto (a vintage clothing salon in Somerville, NJ), this book takes a fun and fascinating look at a popular field of collecting and is highly rec-ommended for vintage accessory fashionistas, collectors, and dealers, along with anyone interested in the history of vintage clothing, accessories, and design.


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