Cutting-Edge NuBart Audio Guide Now Offered At Historic Rock Ford

May 17, 2024

Historic Rock Ford in Lancaster, Pa., is pleased to announce the completion of a new audio guide project for the John J. Snyder Jr. Gallery of Early Lancaster County Decorative Arts. NuBart, a company based in Berlin, Germany, produces audio guide cards utilizing QR code technology as a replacement for traditional museum audio guides and headsets, harnessing the power of audiovisual content to breathe new life into museum visits. Historic Rock Ford is the first museum in the state of Pennsylvania to partner with the growing company and one of 12 museums in the country. NuBart is designed to seamlessly integrate with visitors smartphones, eliminating the need for bulky equipment and streamlining the user experience. After scanning a QR code on the back of the guide card, the card locks to the visitors device, making the guide cards both reusable and non-transferrable. This innovative system design allows individuals to access museum content from the comfort of their homes, serving as a visitors curated all access pass to current and future Rock Ford audio guides. While the card currently houses one tour, additional modules are already being planned. The Snyder Gallery guide includes 10 stops and incorporates approximately 45 minutes of audio. The guide cards are available for purchase exclusively at Historic Rock Ford for $5 per card. Disposable headphones are available for an additional $1. The NuBart Audio Guide System represents a fusion of cutting-edge technology and thoughtful curation, designed to enhance the visitor experience through immersive storytelling and interactive exploration. Through a user-friendly interface, visitors can access a wealth of content curated by Historic Rock Ford, including in-depth artisan biographies, commentary from local experts and craftsmen, and professionally photographed objects from the Snyder Collection. This dynamic approach not only deepens visitors understanding of the exhibits but also sparks curiosity and fosters emotional connections with them. The systems language capabilities help break down barriers to accessibility, empowering individuals with diverse needs to fully participate in the cultural and educational exchange. Working in conjunction with native Spanish speakers Lazaro Delgadoand Claudia Galdamez at WLCH Radio Centro, Rock Ford had the guide translated and recorded in Spanish as well. As museums continue to evolve in response to the changing needs of visitors, innovations like NuBart pave the way for more inclusive, engaging, and meaningful experiences for both todays visitors and for those in generations to come. Historic Rock Ford, located at 881 Rockford Road, Lancaster, Pa., is comprised of the John J. Snyder Jr. Gallery of Early Lancaster County Decorative Arts and the circa 1794 General Edward Hand Mansion. The museum is open April through October and additional information may be found at


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