Embassy Holds Pottery And Glass Specialty Sale

Rookwood Vase Realizes $3,660

December 1, 2023

Embassy Auctions International of Kinzers, Pa., held a pottery and glass sale on Nov. 9 of assorted antique glass and mostly art pottery. There was Roseville, Rookwood, and Van Briggle pottery and work from other companies. An 1882 Rookwood Pottery vase by Mary Louise McLaughlin brought the high of $3,660. A 1919 Van Briggle matte brown bowl #737 sold for $793, and a 1932 Roseville blackberry vase, $396.50. A collection of Roseville Pottery in blue pinecone pattern went for $579.50, and a trio of 1934 Roseville luffa pattern vases, $442.50. In the glass category, an 1867 National Bitters ear of corn figural vase sold for $517.50, and an Arlington pumpkinseed amber glass pint flask sold for $518.50. For more on this sale or upcoming ones, call 717-442-8529.


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