PBA Galleries Holds D.C. Universe Comics Sale

Restored Copy Of "Detective Comics #27" Sells For New Record $275,000

December 1, 2023

On Nov. 9, PBA Galleries of Berkeley, Calif., held its Batman-focused premiere D.C. Universe Collection Auction, which featured a restored copy of "Detective Comics #27," the iconic debut of "Batman," selling for a record-breaking $275,000. The sale had a 96-percent sale rate, with numerous comics exceeding their high estimate. One of the jewels in the auction's crown was Batman #1, which marked the debuts of two of Gotham's most infamous villains, the Joker and Catwoman. This historic comic fetched an impressive $40,625, a testament to the enduring allure of the Dark Knight. "Detective Comics," the series that introduced "Batman" to the world, took the spotlight with a dazzling display of key issues. Five scarce and coveted editions of "Detective Comics" soared above the $10,000 mark. Among these, "Detective Comics #29," featuring the villainous Doctor Death, along with #66 (the first appearance of Two-Face), #69 (a 5.0-graded Joker cover), #38 (the first appearance of Robin), and #33 (detailing Batman's iconic origins) showcased the immense popularity of the world's greatest detective. This D.C. Universe Collection encompasses every D.C. comic book published for retail sale from 1934 to 2014. With over 40,000 comic books, this collection included timeless classics like "Action Comics #1," "Superman 1," "Sensation #1," "All-America #16," "Wonder Woman #1," and countless others. A new chapter in the auction world unfolds as the next D.C. Universe Collection Auction is slated for March 2024, with additional sales planned. For further information, visit www.pbagalleries.com. About PBA Galleries Based in the San Francisco Bay area, PBA Galleries is proud of its nearly 70 years of service to collectors of rare and fine books and works on paper. PBA holds live auctions every two weeks and specifically comic book auctions four to six times a year.


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