Pewter Collectors Club Of America (PCCA) Holds Annual Meeting In Trappe, Pa.

June 7, 2024

On May 10 and 11, the PCCA held its annual meeting at the Marriott Court Yard in Collegeville, Pa. After the Board met to discuss the business of the club, the club president, Eric Lanka, made a presentation titled Introduction to Pewter, which was open to the public. That evening, after a buffet dinner, the group listened to a talk by Lisa Minardi, executive director of Historic Trappe. Minardi spoke about the Colonial history of Trappe, Pa., the Lutheran Church, and the Muhlenberg family. Her lecture was followed by a presentation from club members Bob and Arlene Diercks, who spoke about their journey of becoming avid pewter collectors. The next day, the membership went to the borough of Trappe and visited the Augustus Lutheran Church, the first and continually used Lutheran Church in the country. After, we went to the Dewees Tavern, where Historic Trappe maintains a museum with a large collection of Pennsylvania German and American Decorative Arts. The membership viewed the extensive collection including the special exhibit of David Ellinger artwork and pewter assembled by Minardi for the occasion. Following that, the membership visited the Muhlenberg House for a guided tour that involved hearing the interesting history of the Muhlenberg family and their role not only in the Lutheran church, but also the war for independence. In the evening, club members were served a buffet-style dinner followed by the show-and-tell portion of the annual meeting with member David Kilroy discussing dolphin porringers. This was followed by a talk from member Ed Macmanus about strategies to restore pewter. Finally, George Witman made a presentation about the recovery of the LaBelle ship of French explorer La Salle off the coast of Texas and reviewed the various pieces of pewter artifacts recovered from the wreck. The following day, several of the club members visited the Daniel Hiester House, a restored colonial house which is fully furnished with period furniture. The membership viewed the pewter at the house. The visit, which was arranged by Minardi, was a true treat, and the members expressed their awe and fascination of the collection and house itself. In recap, PCCA members spent two fun days talking about, viewing, and handling many pieces of pewter brought by the membership. The time was spent viewing period American as well as European pewter and discussing recent auction results of pewter. They also spent quite a bit of time viewing and learning about Pennsylvania German material culture. A great time was had by all. The PCCA is a nonprofit organization established to encourage, develop, and foster the study, discussion, and collecting of pewter. For more information, visit


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